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DriveMaster Ultimate 144V


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Manufacturer: Bellmarine

Asynchronous Liquid-Cooled

Product includes:

Motor + stainless steel motor mounting bracket.

Controller with isolated 12V logic, integrated precharge relais and main power relais, integrated DC-DC converter for start up and onboard 12V power.

Motor + controller water resistant IP66

Integrated DC-DC converter 144 > 13.8V 450 W (start up circuit 12 V logic)

Does not include propeller.

  • Motor + controller water resistant IP66
  • IFO Vector Control (superior dynamic response, higher operational efficiency and maximum torque)
  • Integrated DC-DC converter 144. 13.8V 450 W
  • Additional power boost 8 sec
  • Quick install / easy connect / plug and play
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • Hybrid function available
  • Incl. Main switch and Main fuse
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