Kodeer 600P/R 6mm võll koos haakega Vaata suuremalt

Kooder 600P/R



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600 p/r (Single-phase 600 pulses/R,Two phase 4 frequency doubling to 2400 pulses)

Power supply: 5-24 V DC

Shaft: 6mm, 13mm Length

Size: 38mm Dia, 35.5mm Length

Output :AB 2 phase output rectangular orthogonal pulse circuit, the output for the NPN open collector output type

Maximum mechanical speed: 6000 R / min

response frequency: 0-20KHz

Cable length: 145 cm

Notice: AB 2 phase output must not directly connected to Vcc - it will burn the output triode!


Green = A phase

White = B phase

Red = power Vcc,

Black = ground