Arduino 4-kanaliga mootorite laiendusplaat Vaata suuremalt

4-kanaliga mootorite laiendusplaat Arduinole



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This Adruino compatible motor Driver shield is a full-featured products that it can be used to drive 4 DC motor or two 4-wire stepper and two 5v servo. It drive the DC motor and stepper with the L293D,and it drive the servo with arduino pin9 and pin10.


  • Able to drive 4 DC motor and 2 'hoppy' Servo
  • Able to drive 2 stepper and 2 'hobby' Servo
  • The logic control voltage Vss: 4.5~5.5V
  • Motor Supply Voltage: 4.5 ~ 12V
  • Reduced control pins needed through 8-stage serial shift registers
  • Drive part of the operating current Io: 1.2A

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