Turbopropelleri mootor Vaata suuremalt

Mootor tigureduktoriga 12 V 18 RPM



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The motor is Gear DC motor with micro-turbine worm, you can change the wiring-connection to change motor rotation.
Turbo worm geared motor with self-lock, that is, in the case of motor without electric, the output axis is fixed, self-lock.
The reducer output shaft arranged vertically with the motor shaft, whole motor output shaft relatively-short than general gear motor, widely used to be installed the  dimensions requirements strictly occasion.


Model: JGY370
Voltage: DC12V
No load speed: 18r/min
Output torque: 5.6kg.cm
Rated current: 0.06A
Weight: 163g
Application: open the window, door, Mini winch. Ect