Samm-mootori draiver L298N Vaata suuremalt

Samm-mootori draiver L298N



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Stepper Motor Speed Pulse Controller and Driver Board 6 wires or 4 wires stepper motor (2-phase) 2A L298N



  • Matching motors: 6 wires or 4 wires stepper motor (2-phase)
  • Amperage: <2A
  • Voltage (board): 5VDC
  • Voltage (stepper motor): 9-40VDC
  • Motor speed adjustable and can be retained

Motor Wire Connections

  • A+ to A
  • A- to B
  • B+ to C
  • B- to D
  • Common Empty if 6-wire motor

Pulse and Signal Control Mode

  • Remove jumper JP1
  • Input pulse: CP (can adjust step motor speed)
  • Directional signal: DIR (high voltage=INC; low voltage=DEC)

Button Control Mode

  • Mount jumper JP1
  • With jumper JP2 mounted: INC=CW run, DEC=CCW run, FUN=Stop
  • With jumper JP2 removed: INC=Accelerate, DEC=Decellerate, FUN=Speed memory
  • If you mount jumper JP2 after speed adjustment it will be memorized, even when power is off
  • Dimensions: Width 46mm (1.8in), Length 70mm (2.7in), Height 30mm (1.2in)