MAX7219 EWG 8-Digit Digital Tube Display Control Module Red Vaata suuremalt

8x7-segment numbernäidik MAX7219



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The 8 digit seven segment display module is based on the Maxim MAX7219 LED display driver. The module uses two standard 4 digit seven segment displays to display a total of 8 digits with decimal point. A convenient input and output header allows additional modules to be daisy-chained and controlled with just just 3 digital IO pins. 
The Maxim MAX7219 driver allows for each segment of up to 8 digits (with decimal point) to be controlled individually from a serial interface. An 8x8 static ram area stores each digit and multiplexing the display is handled automatically. 
If you plan to use this module with an Arduino board there is a library (HCMAX7219) that allows you to effortlessly display and scroll alphanumeric characters across one or more modules. This can be downloaded from here.
Driver: Maxim MAX7921
Voltage: 4.0 - 5.5V
Max current: 180mA (all LEDs on)
Min current: <0.5mA (shutdown mode)
Length: 70mm
Width: 15mm
Height: 18mm (approx)