Raadiomoodul ERF 868 Mhz Vaata suuremalt

Raadiomooduli alus koos ATmega328p mikrokontrolleriga RFu



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Product description

The RFu-328 BARE offers all the convenience of the RFu-328 and allows you to add your own radio unit in place of the SRF which is supplied with the standard RFu-328. It was created to support those of you who want to use a Hope RFM-12B unit instead of our SRF for instance. You will see the RFu appearing in other peoples products too like the Open Energy metering solutions http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/

Please note that if you want to add an SRF yourself, you need to chose the CC1110 based unit. If you want our SRF on board, we recommend you buy the RFu-328, saving you a lot of trouble soldering.

For a detailed product description, please refer to the RFu-328.

Technical data

Please refer to the RFu-328 technical data  for dimensions, but note that the electrical characteristics will depend on the radio unit you supply.


RFu-328 documentation

v1.4 schematic


 Add an RFM12B to the RFµ-328-BARE