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Raadiomoodul ARF 868 MHz



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Product description

The ARF is our higher power RF module for even greater range than the excellent XRF. It can be used in point to point and multipoint applications. It has the same easy to use transparent serial function as our very popular XRF. The ARF has a new style foot print where the device can be used with or without pins. The module is a combination of the SRF (with serial firmware) and a high power amplifier to give ultimate range. The ARF like the whole family can talk to ERF, URF, SRF, XRF etc.

The device can be SMT/SMD surface mounted or you can solder on 2 x 2mm single in line 10 way male headers (a pair are supplied with the ARF) this gives you a module that can be pluged into an XRF/XBee style interface. It works really well in our USB interface which has a knock out in the back panel for an SMA pigtail which is included in with the ARF. It will work between 868-915Mhz (default config is 868.3Mhz), there is no 315/433 option for the power amp from the manufacturer.

Ships with a u.FL connector soldered on the board.

The V2.x ships with a u.FL pigtail and 868-915Mhz rubber duck antenna. You can solder on an end shot SMA connector (http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/sma-pcb-straight-end-launch/) to directly mount the duck antenna.

We haven't yet had time to test the ultimate range of these devices. When used with an XRF the gain overall is around 10db, using an ARF at both ends will give the greatest range (expected to be 10's Km's).

At this power you need to be very aware of your local legislation on power output and duty cycle. Adding large gain parabolic antennas might get you beyond 100Km but to our knowledge this will exceed the limits set out in all countries, so don't do it.


  • Improved range on the XRF
  • Supplied with headers that can be mounted so it fits on XRF/XBee style inbterface
  • Made in the UK


  • ARF
  • 2mm 10way Headers x2
  • U.FL pigtail
  • 868Mhz Duck anteanna

Technical data

Dimensions: 33.5mm x 24.5mm x 3.5mm


Compare the radio modules for range & features - radio comparision chart.pdf

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