Infrapunaandur (3-80 cm) Vaata suuremalt

Infrapunaandur (3-80 cm)



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The Adjustable IR Reflection Sensor consists of a set of infrared transmitter and infrared receiver. It is widely used in robot to avoid obstacles, interactive media, industrial assembly line, and many other occasions. Its detection distance can be adjusted in the range of 3- 80cm according to the demand. The normal status is high, it turns into low when there are obstacles. In addition, there is a light behind the detection probe used for showing the detection status.
Power supply: 5V
Working current: <25mA
Output mode: normally - HIGH, object detected - LOW
Detection distance: 3 - 80cm
Detection angle: <= 15 degrees
Dimensions: D18xL70mm  (attachment plastic parts D23,5mm)
Cable length: 140cm
Brown - V+
Black- Signal
Blue - GND