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LoRa SX1278 Raadioside moodul



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1. Using FSK / GFKS technology and LoRa (remote) spread spectrum technology
2. Half duplex communication.
3. Super anti-jamming (channel rejection ratio: 56db)
4. High Receive Sensitivity: 139dbm. (32M Passive 10ppm Crystal)
5. ISM multi-band, no need to apply for frequency free use.
6. Multi-frequency and a variety of transmission rate for chosen. Can be used in FDMA and FM technology.
7. Intelligent reset, low voltage monitoring, timer wakeup, low power mode, sleep mode.
8. Low power consumption to accept current: 10-12mA
9. 256-bit FIFO TX / RX
10. RSSI channel detection function
11. Transmission mode: FIFO / direct mode (recommended FIFO pack mode)
12. FC / air wake-up function / low power / carrier sense / FEC error correction / AEC encryption
13. Ultra-long distance transmission open up to 5KM.


1. Model: XL1278-SMT
2. Material: Metal
3. Transmit power: 0.1 (W)
4. Size: 17mm x 16.5mm
5. Band: 433 (MHz)