Pliiats tüüpi multimeeter UNI-T UT118B Vaata suuremalt

Pliiats tüüpi multimeeter UNI-T UT118B



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The UT118B is 3000 counts pen type digits millimeter. It uses large scale of integrated circuit with professional multimeter IC as its core and has full range overload protection.

The UT118B measures or tests the following:

  • AC/DC voltage
  • EF Function
  • Resistance
  • Diode
  • Continuity
  • Capacitance


SpecificationsRangeRangeBest Accuracy
ModelSCAN ModeAUTO ModeUT118B
DC Voltage (V)3V/30V/300V3V/30V/300V±(1%+3) 
AC Voltage (V)3V/30V/300V3V/30V/300V±(1%+4)
Resistance (Ω)300Ω/3kΩ/30kΩ/300kΩ/3MΩ300Ω/3kΩ/30kΩ/300kΩ/3MΩ/30MΩ±(1%+3) 
Capacitance (F)3nF/30nF/300nF/3μF/30μF/300μF3nF/30nF/300nF/3μF/30μF/300μF/3mF±(3%+5)