Servo Multifunktsionaalne (UART) SCS15



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The SCServo is a multipurpose UART BUS robot servo designed for use with Arduino. The unit can work in both servo mode and wheel mode. The servo mode can be wired together in robots to control limbs and set them at specific angles. The wheel mode is intended for wheel-type operations. The SCServo can give feedback on the values of position, temperature, load, speed and input voltage, as well as having the ability to set parameters such as speed of rotation, max. output torque, operating voltage limit, operating temperature limit, etc.


Dimensions: 40.0X20.0X40.5mm
Gear Type(Ratio):Metal(275:1)
Bus Interface:TTL Level Multi Drop
Position Sensor: Potentiometer
(Resolution): (215°/1024)
Operating Angle: 200°(Servo Mode)
Control System:Bus Packet Communication
Protocol Type:Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
ID:254 ID (0~253)
Communication Speed:38400bps ~ 1 Mbps
Feedback:Position, Temperature, Load, Speed, Input Voltage
Operating Voltage:6V~8.4V
Stall Torque( 16.5(7.4V) 17(8.4V)
Stall Current(A) :1.5A(7.4)
Operating Speed(RPM):55(6V) 65(7.4V) 73(8.4V)