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LiPo akude laadija Turnigy P606



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Turnigy P606 LiPoly/LiFe AC/DC Charger (EU Plug)

This balance charger has either a AC or DC input voltage allowing charging at home or out where your using your models. The charger has more than enough power, 50W, to provide a maximum charging current of 6A.

The unit is designed to charge from 1S to 6S batteries. It can handle different combinations at the same time, 6x1S or 3x2S or 2x3S or 1x2S plus 1 x 4S or 1x1S plus 1x5S or 1x6S. There is no need to stop the charger when connecting or disconnecting batteries as the battery will start charging (after 20secs) when plugged in.

This charger is only for use with LiPoly or LiFe batteries.

So if you are looking for a new charger then this is the one for you.

• AC or DC power input
• There is the ability to plug in or disconnect batteries when charging
• Batteries charged via balance lead
• Batteries will charge as soon as they are plugged in
• The display can show the capacity of every battery and every cell
• The adaptor supports the connection at the same time for 6*1S or 3*2S or 2*3S or 1*6S battery
• Only charge LiPoly or LiFe batteries

AC Input: 100-240V
DC Input: 10-18V
Support Battery Type: LIPO, LIFE
Charge Current: 0.1-6.0A
Charge Power: 50W
Output Connector: JST-XH2.5 (7P)
Case Size: 145 x 132 x 47mm
Weight: 335g

TURNIGY P606 Charger
Power Cord (EU Plug)
12V cable with alligator plugs
Balance board and cable