AA autonoomne toiteallikas Raspberry Pi-le Vaata suuremalt

AA autonoomne toiteallikas Raspberry Pi-le



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Whether you’re an international executive or an ultra marathoner; this lightweight power solution is the perfect embodiment of minimalist mobility; offering nomads the ability to truly break the chains that bind them to their workstations. Compatible with Gomadic’s revolutionary TipExchange Technology that enables utility with hundreds of mobile devices; the Cavalry Pack is a necessary component to the toolbox of any truly prepared professional. In addition; this product; like all Gomadic products; is backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Use 4 standard or rechargeable AA batteries to power your device. A convenient portable charging solution
  • Engineered with reverse polairty battery insert protection. Full lifetime warranty
  • Advanced internal circuitry prevents device from power surges / overcharging with additional short-circuiting
  • This is a 2nd Generation design providing reliable charge for your specific device